There are many ways through which students can equip themselves with good essay drafting skills.

You can put in a lot of practice in the process every day. Some students choose to do three things to create better articles;

  • Keep studying world events, 
  • How you live 
  • Read a variety of books for the stories.

However, sometimes you need some knowledge to ensure that you remain in a constant progress of growth. If you desire to write better essays and earn the interest of your lecturers, consider checking these books. The books are well written by essay specialist on effective guidelines to help you master how to create essays. Here is a list of five of the best texts to utilize.

A Professors Guide to Writing Essays: Dr. Jacob Neumannn:

If you are looking for an inspiring book that will contains top tips on effective academic drafting, then this is one book you have to read. Realize that this book goes beyond equipping you with top essay crafting skills. The author has explicitly explained how you can apply the unorthodox style to draft your school papers. He advises against breaking down an essay into various styles and formats.   The book was published in 2016. Many students have used the work and can attest to its effectiveness. It may as well be useful for you.  

Janine W. Robinson: A Step Guide to Writing Narrative College Application Essays: Escape Essay Hell

Janine Robinson is a writer known for her top notch narrative articles. Therefore, she has put more focus on putting down narrative essays. It is an amusing guide book considering how it’s simple to comprehend and follow the tips step by step. She has helped many students tell their essay stories uniquely and attractively for more than a decade now.  

The Art of Personal Essays: An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present by Philip Lopate

The book is 777 pages long and was published in 1995. The book emphasizes on the subject of developing an essay on personal experiences. It is only focused on creative writing. The writer is an acclaimed essay specialist who has a background in this type of writing. Therefore, he has timeless years of experience and tips on an effective and easy method to write.


The Best American Essays of the Century by Joyce Carol Oates

The modern type of writing essays started with Voltaire in the 18th century. Many writers have shared their years of experience in the genre. Americans have also had their part in the type of writing. In the anthology, the author puts in a fantastic read. It highlights tips on how to become skilled in this 624 Pages book, which was written in 2001.  

On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction: William Zinsser

The book is a guide that shares enlightening tips on producing the best essays. The author approached the subject of writing warmly and cheerfully, which seeps through its pages. It can shade some light on describing pace, communication write essay for me with editors, and self-editing. Its reprint edition was published in 2006.  

Use the above books to develop skills in writing essays. The books can be found on bookshops and online avenue such as Amazon, among others.  

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