10 Jul

Joy is one of the most pleasant and beautiful feelings in the broad bouquet of human feelings.

Joy is one of the basic components of human life, although it is not weighed in kilograms, nor can it be measured in meters, without it a person can not fully function, and he feels something in the body that is reflected in his or her feeling and mood. Nothing can replace the joy of life, the joy of work, the joy of giving, and even the hobby. Joy gives us the opportunity to see the world in brighter colors, through loving and joyful eyes! Joy is not found in one particular case, it is a combination of many smaller and larger events, things and people.

Happiness is inextricably linked to laughter, smile, the spirit of positivism, and the desire to survive every day of life with the smallest details and great things. Laughter, in my opinion, is a good remedy for stress, the heartbeat accelerates, the body temperature gets warmer, the person gets a feeling of well being and it helps to relax and get into any company.

From a physiological point of view, joy is a miracle, it strengthens a person both physically and mentally. This can be explained by the fact that laughing, feeling happy, developing and releasing endorphins in the human body results in a better mood. Endorphins are hormones of joy that are structurally similar to morphine or heroin, so they calm the body and at the same time have a strengthening effect on the immune system. This explains why happy people rarely suffer, but depressed people who often complain about something and feel sad are more likely to get sick.

Laughter and crying from a psychological point of view are closely related.

It is not for nothing to say that there is ‘laughter to tears’. For example, when someone tells a very funny joke, it causes a person to twitch over the laughter of laughter that changes with tears of joy. At this point, the brain is impulse-driven by impulse, which the person is unable to resist, thus eliminating endorphins in the bloodstream and giving a natural sense of elevation. This feeling makes you feel chubby, drunk like a glass of good red wine. Unfortunately, those who have problems with positive thinking, the so-called depressive types often turn to smoking, drugs, alcohol to achieve the same feeling. I am sad to look at how people dump themselves by drowning in a dreary apathy, just because they have lost their lives and lost their joy!

Open to the world, full of determination, creative people with a desire to work, create, contribute to the development of our beautiful land, science, culture and other spheres are proud of the whole world – precisely because they emit endless joy and enthusiasm. One such person is a thousand times more valuable than a bunch of conveyor workers who, with an absolutely blank look, disgusted with the work they do, fulfilling their hired duties. If a person does not love the work he does, he has no chance of growth.

But no matter what the job, the most important thing is the family!

The family is based on love, mutual trust, respect, and, of course, joy … The joy and pride of parents is the success of their shooters in their lives, while the joy of parents, the dear words and much more is a source of joy for the children. In my life, the sweetest moments are associated with giving and sharing joy. I can’t imagine my life without the opportunity to do good for my loved ones, and see their gratitude in gratitude, full of joy! This feeling is indescribable …

No matter how difficult it is in life, you have to get into this small, sunny joy of joy! And most importantly, don’t keep it for yourself – but share the joy with loved ones and loved ones! After all, joy is thriving!

Holofernes Mullins

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