12 Jul

We all know perfectly well what friendship is.

These are people’s mutual feelings based on understanding, respect, trust and love. Friendship is something that cannot be bought, displayed and sold, otherwise it is not friendship. Friendship is the best man can give to man. Friendship is one of the most sacred, truthful, whiter feelings we devote to another person. It cannot exist on envy, greed, and mistrust.

Each person is looking for the best friend with whom he / she could feel good and unobtrusive. But how do you know that this person, not someone else, is your best friend. There are no formulas in the world to determine who is and who is not your best friend. There is only one matter invented in the world that can determine it – your heart. It is the heart that whispers to us the truth of man. It allows us to receive and respond to the warmth provided by others. Heartbeat will never disappoint you, it always knows better.

Friends must be protected.

They are just as important as the family. If you do not understand and do not listen to the family, you can always contact your friends. A friend will save you, he will make you feel good, you will be special, just like your friend will be special to you. Think about how great it is that you have the best friend. You have more than one relative at once. Being without the best friend has a sense of being lonely and abandoned. The best friend means the same thing as oxygen, without him it is impossible to live.

How do we treat friends? Sometimes very bad and disgusting, but we understand the value of friendship only after a friend leaves …


* * *

I think the word friendship is not a definite definition.

Everybody understands something different with this word, but still something similar. Friendship can exist between two and more people. But friendship can only be called if these people, who call each other friends, are open to each other, do not ride, do not mind, do not talk about each other, there is no competition between them, they are united. Speaking of real friendship. If there is openness in simple friendship, but there are things you can’t say, then in true friendship, there is usually no secret between real friends. Friendship is very important in our lives. Friends congratulate us if they are lucky; they comfort us if they are sad. They bring us joy and soothes our sorrows. Friends can be entrusted with secrets and listening to them. Friends always come up with something fun to avoid boredom. Only with your friends can you talk until late at night, not thinking it is late. Friends enhance each other’s self-confidence. Friends are one of the most important components of our lives. And you can always know that not only your family loves you, but also your friends!

However, all this does not come easy.

Friendship should be treated as a flower. If it is not swallowed up, it will not grow and will not sacrifice. Likewise, the friendship you do not pay attention to will sooner or later disappear. Then it will be too late to save everything. It is not easy to overcome shyness, listen to problems, call or write at no time. You should be able to make concessions when you don’t want to, but you know: your friends will reward your patience with a wide range of friends. Who doesn’t want to be friends with a man who has many good friends!

Friendship is an infinitely great holiness that deserves not only special respect but eternal praise. And the friendship that is the intelligent mother of generosity and honesty, sister thanksgiving and human love, but the enemy of hatred and hate, is always ready to wait for the request, heroically doing what she wants to do for her. But the full power of the blessing of friendship today rarely appears among the people, and there is the miserable, shameful greed of the mortals, who, by looking only at their own goodness, drove friendship into eternal exile on the outermost borders of the earth. What kind of love, wealth, what kind of kinship would it bring to the heart of passion, tears and sighs with such power, if not friendship?


* * *

Friendship is a dream for everyone, but our friendship with Katy is a dream place. Remember the moment we got to know you? I think yes!

That day was sunny and sunlit, and God commanded the angels there in heaven, “Stop crying, two friends have met!” the great power of the darts, even the big storm that is raging around.

No one will decide us, ever, because we are like two trees that will grow their roots forever, even if the stream flows between us. Our hearts, our friendship, will not be solved by anyone, because there is no more power capable of half-cutting friendship. Our friendship has everything: trust, helpfulness, and all that is in the hearts of people. Our friendship is an example for all because it has endured a lot and endured all the trials. We are one with him who will not be decisive, and our disputes, not frequent, make us stronger and better friends.

Thank you, friend, for being!


Holofernes Mullins

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